Welcome to my unfinished life!! My life has been a continuous series of unfinished projects, hobbies and interests that, well, I lost interest in. Road biking, guitar lessons, surfing, and yes, even tap dancing lessons. Similar to the Island of Misfit Toys, we refer to the garage as the Island of Lorie's Abandoned Endeavors. My hope is to learn to follow-thru a bit more on things, until I become at least proficient in something rather than mediocre at lots of things. Please join me on my journey as I try some new tricks and maybe pick up some old ones as well. I will blog about my travails and post some old stories of my prior mishaps as well. This includes abandoned boyfriends I lost interest in. My husband is lucky - he and the lazy cats are about the only thing I have managed to keep around!!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I have spent a lifetime yearning,
to fulfill my forgotten dreams.
But squandered time better spent learning,
may not be the waste that it seems.

I cannot look back and say,
I should have done better somehow.
Made better use of my day,
the day that has now become now.

Should have, could have, would have,
longing for what might have been.
But experience now is the salve,
the balm for the things I still yen.

We often look back and we wonder,
could we have done much more with our time?
We fall and we fail and we blunder
But the flaws are what make us sublime.

Should I look back and wish I’d done more,
with the time of my god-given life?
In my heart I’m enriched and not poor,
with a gift oft-confused as strife.

As I enter my second act,
I know what is right and is wrong.
So, with this I now make my pact,
Life is short.  Never long.


  1. "Made better use of my day, the day that has now become now..."

    I agree...life is short. never long. I had a hard time getting my thoughts together on this one because I'm not much for longing either. Can't imagine trying to write it as a poem.

    Great job.

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  3. "But the flaws are what make us sublime" that's my favorite part!

    GBE2: Longing

  4. Thanks!! This subject could not have come at a better time - I have been recently grappling with the whole idea of regret, longing, etc., and came to the conclusion that the only opinion of how we live our lives that matters is our own. If we can look in the mirror and say "I've done the best I could", that's good enough. The rest is just looking to others for validation, which we know can be disappointing. Except from your kids. And your pets :) Now that's where real gratification comes from!!

  5. I've recently been grappling with this as well...loved the poem.

  6. Great poem. The other day I told my thirteen year daughter who was totally stressing out because school starts in five days to chill. I told her that life is too short and we need to keep our energy controlled so we live a long and productive life.

  7. Well done! Onward and upward. Always.

  8. I love this poem! It is so inspirational!!!


  9. Thanks - you all inspire me!! I love my new writer friends - this is a lot of fun and cheaper than therapy :)

  10. This so hit home with me--excellent poem!

    Cheers, Jenn

  11. Very touching and truthful. Always remember this when looking back on your day: There is no act of love or kindness that is too small. Making someone smile or feel they are loved is the most important role that can be played.
    Afterall, its love and kindness that picks us up after the fall! Peace...Marc :)

  12. I've read quite a few of the blogs about longing and I've come to realize that few of us long for much other than for ourselves and our loved ones to be happy. Can't wish for much more than that :)